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I offer private piano lessons, which is the most effective way to enhance the students' talents and abilities.


Piano lessons are the foundation of learning music, especially for very young children. Learning music affects children's and adults' lives in many ways - it enhances math and analytical abilities, and improves coordination, focus, as well as imagination. 


The piano is an incredibly versatile instrument and is great for developing a comprehensive knowledge of music that can later be applied to all instruments and styles of music.  


This amazing instrument offers students a platform to develop ear training, note reading, rhythm, developing good posture, technique and musicianship.

Solfeggio(Sight Reading):
little kid playing piano

I offer private Solfeggio (Sight Reading Lessons), suitable for musicians of all ages and experience levels.


Sight reading exercises produced are governed by many rules so that they make 'musical sense' in that they are rhythmically, harmonically, and tonally appealing.


During the lesson, while students are developing sight-reading ability, they also learn how to pay attention to the rhythm, different clefs, and techniques.


They work to develop proficiency in scales, arpeggios, and note reading. Large rehearsals emphasize ensemble blending, rhythmic studies, and sight reading.


Students have the opportunity to learn basic you can customize the exercises by selecting the exact rhythms, range, and other attributes such as leaps, accidentals, dynamics, and articulations. You can also choose from a large variety of time signatures and all major and minor key signatures.


music notes and theory.

* Instruments of the Orchestra

* Intervals

* Ornaments

* Analyzing keys – determining whether a piece is in major or minor

* Chromatic memory and harmony

* Music Periods & Composers



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